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Formula D Vegas Baby

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Jonnie Fraz

Jonnie Fraz

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Ok I will throw it up here.
Vegas was epic...I am gonna say out of all the Formula D events the judgeing was the best here. Not saying that there were no questionable calls, but not as many as I am used to.
Major points holders not making it to top eight...What? The unseated drivers were bringing it knocking some of the seated drivers out in the great eight battle.
Takatori was killing it despite rumors that the Autobacs car was not going to be aloud to run due to a grey area in the rulebook. Some questioable calls also led to some killer runs by Taka.
Max Orido was killing it. The most questionable call in my opinion was againt Orido San. He was bringing it in his run vrs Hubinette. Orido San was much closer to the clipping points and sucking up when in chase and leaving the big Viper when in front. Still after a "one more time" Hubinette came out on top even though Orido San was leading in points on the previous two runs.
The most awesome battles were being fought by Toshiki Yoshioka in one of the lowest powed cars there. I beleive that Yoshi posted up the highest entry speed of the weekend. He so earned the win just treating those higher horsepower cars rough. Rhys Millen trying to match Yosi's amazing entry speed put the Red Bull Solstice into the tire wall, destoying the car
Listening to the "oooohs" of the crowd as Yoshi would suck up so close to Hubinette that we all thought they must touch, but they did not. Not even Daijiro Yoshihara could knock Yosi down. The big 400 plus hp GTO even fell victim to the little AE86.
Congrats to Yoshioka San he so deserved it.




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Indeed Vegas was EPIC this past weekend! bow.gif

LOL from the heat to the dam death rain, last weekend was completly unexpected. Not to mention the possibilities in the future for us due to the meeting of certian people!



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Actually, yoshioka's 86 is supposed to be in the 300 or maybe now for the 08 season 350hp range w/the bottle on.

But yes, this was an epic trip. thumbsup.gif


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